About us

The team of YAPP Advisory consits of a group of people who realize the benefits of removing the business barriers in Central Europe, and who want to make a contribution to the development of this area by continuing transferring their knowledge and experience. The Czech Republic is a traditional trading partner of Poland and our job is to constantly deepen the relationship. That's why our team is made up of both the Poles and Czechs, and each of us has a wealth of experience from both countries. We know the reality.

Our approach:

  • We monitor both Czech and Polish markets and actively search for trade and investment opportunities for the companies.

  • We know the intricacies of the Czech an Polish legislation and government and we help not to get lost in the legislation nor in the complex environment of the state apparatus.

  • We help beyond initial procedural obstacles that can meet your business when entering the Czech or Polish market.

  • We respond to emerging challenges and opportunities that constantly appear on the Czech and Polish market.

  • We assist in creating informal links between companies on the Czech and Polish market because we are convinced that cooperation is in this area is particularly important.

  • We believe that the decision to set up operations in the Czech Republic and Poland is the right decision.

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